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Evolution of Mobile Applications

Evolution of Mobile Applications

The most downloaded applications of the year were significantly impacted by COVID-19. However, marketing is still strong, therefore, it is essential to recognize the main applications of the market if you want to maintain your mobile marketing initiatives. Know the online habits of your target audience and the most effective methods to reach the crucial points for campaign optimization.

In today’s mobile digital world it is important that you understand what are the best apps for your target market. Most smartphone user spends a lot of hours on these apps, so it is a great way to get your message across.

TikTok is among the most popular applications in the world, or that is not surprising. More than 2 billion downloads of the application all over the world as of April last year. Initially thought of as an exclusive application for Z generation, it recently saw an increase in new users as a result of two global blocking efforts.

More consumers are looking for new ways to have fun as they become more confined to their homes and smartphones. Social media users are naturally drawn to video, so when you add TikTok’s smart algorithm to it, you get a practically irresistible app. The fact that there are more possibilities for TikTok marketing, from producing original content to purchasing TikTok ads, is fantastic news for marketing professionals.

Facebook is among the most used applications in the whole world, or that should not be surprising, since it is the most popular program in general. Facebook was especially important during covid – 19 lock down, when people wanted to connect and stay in touch.

Both in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store, Facebook is frequently among the top 10 applications. It is the most well-known publisher of applications globally, according to Statista, which bases its statement on downloads.  Non-Facebook marketing and non-Facebook advertising are crucial tasks for marketing professionals.

Instagram completes the Facebook family. One of the most popular applications among Millennial’s this one to share photos and videos. However, this application prefers to keep its usage statistics secret, and it is reasonable to infer that, given its popularity and established position in the application stores, if it is due, it will maintain its popularity in 2022.

Instagram is very useful for marketing. Brands will send an average of 0.7 social media posts per day in 2018, second to Statista. IGTV, Instagram Lives and Instagram Stories are just a few of the ways that the app offers advertisers multiple chances to interact with their audience.

Instagram revealed or Reels, its new features in 2020. Reels directly competes with or TikTok. Watching how this feature changes and affects download’s over time will be intriguing.

WhatsApp: By keeping in touch, a great number of social media applications will continue to receive downloads in 2022. Nearly 2 billion people use WhatsApp around the world.

WhatsApp is not as common in the United States; it is the most popular messaging application in the rest of the world. Through personalized messages, exclusive offers and other means, it offers companies the chance to keep in touch with their customers and consumers. Given how fast WhatsApp marketing is expanding, there are plenty of intriguing marketing prospects.

Telegram has nearly 500 million active messaging users, Telegram is another highly appreciated messaging program. Besides text messages, it also allows users to transmit images, videos and many forms of documents.

The Telegram is practical for corporations and large organizations, because it allows mentions, hashtags and multi-platform use. This allows you to create private and public channels where you can invite your clients to participate, or as groups with a maximum of 200,000 members. This opens up a wide range of marketing options, so you can post photos and details about new products and services, connect to target sites, create a chatbot to answer customer questions, etc.

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Zoom is software, along with some videoconferencing applications, was, for the time being, one of the two most popular this year.  Zoom announced more than 300 thousand daily users in April 2020.

The dilemma of COVID-19 is directly related to this boom.  Zoom was the preferred videoconferencing program among users, because many of them have people had to continue work from home.

The main advantage of the program is the possibility of sharing files via chat and free video chats. Zoom is used by millions of entrepreneurs and for conferences and team brainstorming sessions. The minimalist layout allows even your grandparents to easily sign up to the main menu at any time.

Snapchat, Twitter and Messenger (Facebook Messenger) are also great Apps which can be used by different types of business and depending on the type of customers the business wants targeting.


By Abdul W Moghul


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