New rules for Canada MVNOs

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New rules for Canada MVNOs The telecom regulatory body in the country declared that the rates for MVNO transactions in Canada are commercially negotiated between telecom operators. The Canadian Telecommunications Regulatory Agency published a new regulation for the main mobile operators that will allow the access of MVNOs to their network to create more consistency , more competition and reduce …

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Growing cases of mobile phone SIM Swap


Growing cases of mobile phone SIM Swap Users of mobile phones run the risk of losing thousands of pounds at the hands of scammers after mobile networks provide scammers with personal information for users. In some cases, not all the correct security information was obtain to access the victims account.  But the mobile network still provided access to the fraudster. …

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What is a MVNO UK?


What is a MVNO UK? MVNO refers to a mobile supplier that does not own its own network. It is a term that few outside the Industry are going to be aware of, however here within the UK we’ve got many MVNOs – and you’ll virtually definitely have come across a minimum of one or two of the Mvnos. You might already be a customer of a MVNO and not be any the wiser. MVNOs also referred to as virtual networks, MVNOs that provide mobile services however don’t own or operate their own network. …

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