What is a MVNO UK?

What is a MVNO UK?

MVNO refers to a mobile supplier that does not own its own network. It is a term that few outside the Industry are going to be aware of, however here within the UK we’ve got many MVNOs – and you’ll virtually definitely have come across a minimum of one or two of the Mvnos. You might already be a customer of a MVNO and not be any the wiser.

MVNOs also referred to as virtual networks, MVNOs that provide mobile services however don’t own or operate their own network. Instead, they use a network owned by one of the 4 UK Mobile Operators. For example, giffgaff is UK MVNO – MVNO doesn’t have its own network however instead offers its services Via a MNO (Mobile Network Operator).

In the UK, there are four Mobile Network Operators – O2, EE, 3 and Vodafone.

Every MVNO does not offers mobile services of its own however additionally act as a bunch network off one the 4 MNOs.

The MVNOs, or virtual networks, like having identical coverage as their parent network, however while not the high-priced overheads. The savings tend to be passed on, with MVNOs usually more competitive than their parent networks with low cost mobile deals.

How do MNOs work?

The four UK mobile network operators (O2, EE, 3 and Vodafone) owns an explicit quantity of spectrum – another word for the radio frequencies accustomed broadcast portable signals. Utilising the bands of spectrum they pay to own access to the spectrum, operators broadcast 3G, 4G and 5G signals round the country installing network of masts to give more coverage and more stronger signals. The process of shopping for spectrum and putting in masts is long and high-priced.

That’s why MVNOs bypass this hurdle or issue and lease wholesale services (the use of spectrum, masts & or Services) from one in all the 4 network operators.

UK MVNO Offerings

  • 1p Mobile – 1p Mobile offers low cost pay as you go SIMs.
  • Anywhere Sim – Offers all four UK networks (EE, Three, O2, Vodafone) on one
  • Multi-Network Sim. Allowing the customer to change network when they experience low coverage.
  • Asda Mobile – The food market chain offers low cost SIM deals.
  • BT Mobile – The UK’s biggest broadband supplier additionally offers mobile services and much more.
  • Gemini Mobile – MVNO that donates five-hitter of your bill to your chosen charity.
  • giffgaff –   incorporates a wide selection of versatile mobile deals.
  • iD Mobile – Carphone Warehouse’s subsidiary of Curry’s plc own network, iD Mobile runs on the 3 network.
  • JOi Mobile – Uses the 3 network and offers to create your monthly bill free if you refer 5 friends
  • Lebara Mobile – Lebara offers budget-friendly SIMs and low cost international calls.
  • Lyca Mobile – Another MVNO specialising in low cost international calls, Lyca additionally offers pay as you go sims & handsets.
  • Now Mobile – Offers low cost international calls & pay as you go SIMs.
  • Plusnet Mobile – A UK based supplier of low cost broadband & offers SIM deals.
  • Plusnet Mobile – The Yorkshire-based supplier of low cost broadband & offers SIM deals.
  • Sky Mobile – Sky Mobile runs on the O2 network and offers deals on iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones and additional Services.
  • SMARTY – Operation on Three’s network, SMARTY offers great Value Deals.
  • Superdrug Mobile – The main street chain offers contract-free SIM-only plans and runs on the 3 network.
  • Tesco Mobile – Offers a good vary of mobile deals and SIM plans, providing Club Card points can be used for paying your bill.
  • Talk Home Mobile – Offer SIM deals with comprehensive minutes to many countries for example India, Nigeria, Pakistan and many more.
  • Talkmobile – Offers SIM-only deals.
  • To The Moon Mobile – Offers versatile pay as you go plans
  • The Phone Co-op – an honest selection for the ethically-aware client, The Phone Co-op are a provide a Fairphone Process.
  • Truphone – Offers eSIMs for compatible devices, supplying you with coverage in 113 countries.
  • Utility Warehouse – Offers easy SIM deals with discounts on the market if you purchase multiple SIMs.
  • Virgin Mobile – Virgin offers a good selection of phones and permits you to unfold payments over 3 years, creating affordable deals appealing to a greater audience as one of the most affordable around..
  • Vectone Mobile – Offers low cost SIM deals with information change and therefore the choice to add international minutes.
  • VOXI – Vodafone-owned VOXI uses its parent company’s network and offers unlimited information for social media use.


Why Select a MVNO?

MVNOs provide you with the precise same service as mobile network operators, there’s  no difference to the MNO in terms of connecting to the network, making phone calls etc.

The UK’s four mobile network operators (O2, EE, 3 and Vodafone) tend to supply tons of extras on their mobile deals, subscriptions to streaming services or priority concert tickets. However MNOs have much more Costs.


MVNOs have their own Unique Selling points, too.

Cheap Mobile Deals

As we have a tendency to mentioned earlier, its tons cheaper to run a MVNO than it’s to keep up a mobile network. The savings from this helps MVNOs create better Deals. Virgin Mobile, Tesco Mobile and iD Mobile provide a number of budget smartphone & Cheap Deals on SIMs.


Cheap SIM deals

Some MVNOs don’t provide handsets and instead specialise in providing competitive SIM-only or pay as you go deals.  like 1p Mobile, Asda Mobile, SMARTY and Plusnet Mobile provide nice value-for-money VOXI MVNO closely-held by Vodafone and running on Voda’s network, offers endless social media . Some plans additionally embrace unlimited streaming on the likes of YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.


Cheap International Calls

If you’re usually creating calls to friends and family in alternative countries, then it’s value considering obtaining a SIM from one in all variety of MVNOs that specialize in low value international calls. Lebara,

Lyca, It’s best to compare the price of countries you call with  MVNOs before making your choice.

Multi-Network SIMs

MVNOs like Anywhere SIM moves across multiple networks, reducing the quantity of your time you are with no signal. Your phone can be working on a ‘home’ network and may your signal ever drop out entirely, can mechanically scan for one more.

Support a Cause

Some MVNOs that enable you to feel sensible concerning your moral selections. Gemini Mobile donates five-hitter of your bill to a charity of your selection.

The Phone Co-op invests with socially accountable organisations together with Fairphone Trade.

Strong Mobile Coverage

MVNOs offer strong quality of coverage the same as MNOs. So if you have quality service on EE, you know you’ll also enjoy strong quality coverage with any of the MVNOs that operate on the same network.


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