MVNO Velotel 5G Network Target UK Cyclists Market

MVNO Velotel 5G Network Target UK Cyclists Market

New MVNO has launched in the UK called Velotel geared up for the needs of the cycling public, enabled by MVNE Transatel.  They offers voice and data plans using the EE 5G network, with EU roam-like-at-home included in all plans.

Velotel has a cycling partner network which will give customers benefits like access to events/races in Europe, retail discounts, free insurance products and cycling apps.

Velotel plans are rolling on a monthly basis,

Velotel offers no long-term lock-ins.

SIM-only plans cost from £15-£30 per month, with unlimited minutes and texts – with customers able to choose 3GB, 10GB, 30GB or 100GB data.

Customers have the option to add a 1GB data top-up bundle when required or runs out of data for an extra £5 (valid only billing month when purchased).

Customers travelling outside of the EU, Velotel has two global roaming bundles for £7 per day its Zone 2 and 3 and £15 per day its Zone.

By Abdul W Moghul



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