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New rules for Canada MVNOs

New rules for Canada MVNOs

The telecom regulatory body in the country declared that the rates for MVNO transactions in Canada are commercially negotiated between telecom operators.

The Canadian Telecommunications Regulatory Agency published a new regulation for the main mobile operators that will allow the access of MVNOs to their network to create more consistency , more competition and reduce costs.

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Canadian Radio television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), the new regulation will support the implementation of mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in the country.

The CRTC noted that this decision is opening the door for more companies, in particular non-smaller regional providers in rural areas, to promote concurrence by accessing the networks of two larger providers in Canada.

The regulator also says that it will also ensure that MVNO access is offered on future wireless networks, including 5G.

The CRTC observed that the three non-national providers – Bell Mobility, Rogers and Telus – and SaskTel in Saskatchewan must now begin to accept requests for access to their networks and enter into negotiations with regional wireless providers to agree on MVNO rates for being attacked .

Bell, Telus and Rogers Communications account for nearly 80% of the mobile telephony market in terms of subscribers.

This will help provide more accessible options to thousands of Canadians, increasing compliance. We hope that the large providers will negotiate in good faith and reach an agreement as quickly as possible with regional wireless providers, said Ian Scott, president and CEO of CRTC.

An analysis of the CRTC concluded that the consistency in the domestic mobile market continues to be limited and that the new operators that try to enter the market face barriers not launching services.

By Abdul W Moghul

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