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VoIP Systems


VoIP Systems VoIP systems have become a popular communication method for businesses. A VoIP phone system is software that enables digital communication and is short for Voice over Internet Protocol. By 2025, the traditional landline blackout will occur, making VoIP systems an excellent choice for switching. How does a VoIP system work? A VoIP system is simple. When a call …

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Argentine MVNO Imowi


Argentine MVNO Imowi Argentine mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Imowi wants to invest close to US$1million a year to keep up with the expanding required in the country.   This amount, includes some opex, which will be used for different projects which include the incorporation of voice over 4G and voice over Wi-Fi, improvements in Wi-Fi carrier grade and the …

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Growing cases of mobile phone SIM Swap


Growing cases of mobile phone SIM Swap Users of mobile phones run the risk of losing thousands of pounds at the hands of scammers after mobile networks provide scammers with personal information for users. In some cases, not all the correct security information was obtain to access the victims account.  But the mobile network still provided access to the fraudster. …

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Free EU roaming will End after Brexit transition period.


After nearly four years of excruciating debate and rancour, the UK will finally depart the European Union. What happens then? Not much. Britain enters an 11-month transition period, where it effectively remains a member of the single market and customs union. Once that ends, major changes will take place, including the end of guaranteed free roaming across the European Union. …

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