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Trends influencing future of smartphones

Trends influencing future of smartphones

Over the past 2 years, we have witnessed phenomenal growth and change in the digital world, which has had a crucial impact on our daily lives. If technological change is the only constant factor, smartphones are at the very top of the evolutionary chain. We’ve seen smartphone brands offering high-end phones, affordable flagships and mid-range devices with high-end features and also updating 5G access or (still being updated for some), from better cameras and slimmer designs.

With the growing consumption of OTT social networks on the go, work and study from home, and the influence of content creators, the smartphone industry has evolved 360 degrees to meet the needs of future customers.

Let’s take a look at some interesting trends that are likely to dominate the smartphone industry in times to come.

5G – What’s next?


The noise around the 5G spectrum in globally is unprecedented, with customers and smartphone makers eagerly awaiting the full 5G experience. Based on the recent Research and Market reports, the Indian smartphone market size is expected to reach US$281 billion and grow with a CAGR of 10.5% by 2028. Additionally, for the first time, the penetration sales of 5G-enabled smartphones hit 51% at the start of this year. 5G shipments increased by more than 600% year-on-year and smartphone revenues in CY2021 reached $37 billion. With the increase in technological advancements over the past few years, we have seen an increase in 5G adoption since 2021. And this is corroborated by the recently concluded MWC, where many players showcased their 5G capabilities and how they plan to exploit the technology.

These reports suggest a resumption of the purchase of compatible devices to be ready for the future. As download and upload speeds increase, expect smartphone makers to take advantage of cloud storage, improve battery consumption, and increase mobile-friendly OTT content. This will change the entire grid landscape and drive a shift from smart homes to smart cities and more. Adaptable/foldable screens are the new normal – BIGGER is always better!

With smartphones becoming the primary content consumption devices, customer demand for bigger and better screens is increasing. What was once considered intermediate in size between a typical smartphone and tablet has become new industry standard. Customers are looking for screens that are larger, more compact and follow an ergonomic design language. We’ll see an increase in foldable displays that offer the productivity of a tablet and the convenience of a phone.

Gaming Smartphones go Mainstream

According to a recent report by IBEF, gambling is a fast growing industry in India which grew by 40% in 2019-2022. It generated $1.5 billion in net revenue during that time and is expected to top $5 billion. by 2025. Moreover, the Indian gaming industry has eclipsed the US market by surpassing a user base of 300 million.

We are already seeing an exponential increase in the number of performance-oriented smartphones as the primary criteria. We’re already seeing brands targeting Gen Z to showcase their high-performance features ideal for gaming (battery, storage, and charging), while offering great optics. Building technologies to improve the gaming experience will be one of the main trends we can expect this year.


Bigger and thinner batteries

Customers need massive battery to support 5G-enabled smartphones with larger screens and high performance for smooth use. However, with smartphones becoming a fashion accessory, manufacturers are constantly trying to invent ways to increase the battery size without making the phone bulky.

Customers are seeking for fast and safe charging options for their device. To meet this need, many brands have launched many fast charging features to instantly charge the smartphone.

By A W Moghul


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