MVNOs on Plintron MVNA / MVNE Platform

MVNOs on Plintron MVNA / MVNE Platform

MVNOs on the Plintron MVNA/MVNE platform can offer differentiated services using 5G such as 4K to 8K Ultra HD video streaming, augmented/virtual reality based media and 360 degree immersive multimedia experience. Also online apprenticeship, telemedicine consulting, videoconferencing and services based on the application of IoT in real time.

The Plintron MVNA/MVNE enhanced platform supports NSA 5G option 3 for the transition to 5G compliance. Enabling MVNOs on Plintron platform to offer more differentiated and up to date services to compete with the fast moving market.

The Plintron 5G services are direct with many MVNOs with in the USA and 4 European countries and others following worldwide. The Plintron MVNA/MVNE platform was commercially deployed 5G Non-Standalone (NSA) platform has been operating since January 2021 to respond to meet the 5G technology demands from its MVNO clients. The Plintron shape platform is loaded with AMBR DL and is loaded with top speeds from 4.2Gbps to 10Gbps.

Plintron initially deployed the 5G NSA, it seems that the part of the initial deployments of the 5G for the mobile network operators (MNOs) had deployments of the NSA. For the MNOs who are mainly interested in connecting with consumers who have compatible 5G devices, the NSA is the most appropriate, but they are allowed to pull part of the existing investments in the 4G LTE network for transportation and core mobile and will be linked to a deployment of a terminal to reduce the investment cost.

With the 5G NSA, the existing 4G-LTE network is used to support the 5G data plans, which is based on the 3GPP Release 15 version of 5G NR. This is the best solution for the MNOs that can quickly provide the best delivery better data speeds via Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) or deal with urgent LTE congestion problems.



Plintron is pleased to continue to adopt new technologies and innovate to further support its clients and MVNO partners in the future.

About Plintron

Plintron is a digital communication technology company that allows clients to acquire and engage brands. It has the largest Multi Country end-to-end MVNA/MVNE clients in 6 continents. Supplying mobile network services to more than 30 countries supported by over 1000 telecom professionals.  Plintron launched over 143 MVNOs with 165 million+ mobile subscribers. Plintron has won and keeps winning many global industry awards including ‘MVNE of the Year’ at the MVNOs World Congress 2022.

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