Samsung reportedly undercuts Exynos mobile chip team image 1

Samsung reportedly undercuts Exynos mobile chip team

Samsung reportedly undercuts Exynos mobile chip team

Samsung would have established a new mobile chip team within its smartphone division, or that would apparently hurt the division that produced its Exynos chips.

According to a new report from the South Korean site The Elec, the Mobile Experience (MX) Business of Samsung set up its own team of application processors (AP) led by executive vice-president and former official of Qualcomm Choi Won-joon .

However, these chips were either manufactured by a separate division or expanded by Samsung’s Umbrella, or Samsung System LSI. This latest move is essentially to see Samsung’s smartphone division assuming a responsibility to produce its own mobile chips.

The report mentions that there is a possibility that this new device is simply loaded with optimizing Samsung System LSI’s Exynos chips, which have notoriously under performed their Qualcomm Snapdragon equivalents in recent years. All though it seems like a more harmonious solution internally, it is also less likely.

Earlier in the year, Samsung was forced to deny reports of it abandoning existing Exynos mobile chips to its leading phones of 2023 and 2024. It was suggested by respected sources that the Samsung Galaxy S23 would be powered exclusively by Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

Earlier Galaxy S models are split or chipped between a Samsung and a Qualcomm, but Exynos chips are generally inferior to Snapdragon equivalents. A Samsung also suffers from low performance from its most recent chip top of the line, or Exynos 2200.

Samsung’s smartphone business is managed by the company’s Mobile eXperience (MX) division, while Exynos chipsets are designed by LSI, a completely different division. An entirely new division of Samsung’s smartphone business is being formed to design and develop its own chipsets, which means that Exynos chips from the LSI system cannot be used in the future.

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According to the new relationship from The Elec, a Samsung MX formed by a new team to develop chipsets for smartphones. Apparently, the new group created so that a smartphone development team could design their own processors, instead of relying on the LSI system for their chipsets.

A new team will be led by Won-Joon Choi, Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics. He was also named chef of the flagship product R&D team and of the Samsung MX technology strategy team. Before joining Samsung in 2016, Choi worked at Qualcomm and known on as the wireless chip specialist.

Division of the smartphone business formed into its own chip development team. Are they not satisfied with the processors provided by the LSI system. Apparently, a Samsung MX rig hasn’t liked the failure to perform two Exynos chipsets in recent years. Another report states that, without buyers, System LSI may make Exynos chips just for cars in the future.

Usually, Samsung releases most of its top smartphones in two variants such as Exynos chipset and Qualcomm SoC. Not so, as variants equipped with Qualcomm chipsets have faster performance, cooler temperatures, higher energy efficiency and longer battery life compared to models equipped with Exynos chips.

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Is this the latest news for Galaxy smartphone users?

As people who live in countries where a Samsung launches Exynos versions of their phones will always complain of getting inferior performance, despite paying the same amount of money. For those reasons, Samsung decided to exclusively use Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 in all Galaxy S23 units worldwide.

But for Samsung, outsourcing processors from other brands, when they have experience to develop their own chipsets, costs more money. However, the LSI system isn’t delivering chipsets up to scratch, and it appears that it’s a division that Samsung’s smartphone business division decided to form its own chipset design team. The first chip projected by this team may be released in 2025 in the Galaxy S25 series.

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Will chipsets developed by Samsung’s smartphone division continue to use the Exynos brand. If they want to avoid negative publicity, they probably won’t use the name Exynos in the future. However, nothing is certain or official at the moment, we need to get some confirmation from Samsung.

By A W Moghul

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