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10 mobile technology trends 2022

10 mobile technology trends 2022

The adoption of mobile technology increases every year. Currently, it has more than 5.31 billion users who move around the world. Along with the increase in the adoption of smartphones, there has been a significant growth in mobile applications. The same is visible due to the fact that the income of the two mobile applications of iOS and Android exceeded $ 133 this year. Technological advancement is also happening super-fast. (The year) 2022 was notable for the smartphone for technological trends.

Here are the top 10 mobile technology trends defining 2022.

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  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been trying to make its way in the mobile industry since 2017 and now, in 2022, it has finally become a dominant technology. Currently, an industrial mobile is full of chatbots and virtual assistants, as well as two main assistants from Google and Siri. Now we have numerous applications available that we can use or voice command of its users.

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  1. Mobile security

After COVID-19, it becomes common for users to participate in mobile payment applications, including paying for Lotto tickets. For transactions to be safe for users, mobile security has become essential. As a result, fintech industries are working to make the mobile payment option as secure as possible.

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  1. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The trend of virtual reality is augmented to remain and offer users a real experience of the virtual world. Previously, only game apps used this technology. However, its growth in others is proposed as interior design, education and navigation.

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  1. Mobile apps for small businesses

A few years ago, only big companies had mobile apps. Now days even the small companies that sell DIY items or display the results of the lottery are currently actively present in the application halls. Although the number of small companies that have applications is also small, a lot is working on the development of applications. The main objective of having an application is to increase sales.

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  1. IoT applications

The Internet makes things essential for many industries, including medical care and transportation. In turn, it is resulting in or developing many IoT applications. The IoT application further bridges the gap between mobile devices and users. It is especially beneficial for companies that focus on offering non-customer focused solutions.

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  1. 5G Network

5G is now out of sight. It was once in the development phase, more now it is available to people in 2022. This new generation of technology ensures super-fast internet speed and extremely low latency. Its functionality guarantees a greater technological advance in the coming years.

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  1. The rise of mobile commerce

Whether mobile commerce and electronic commerce are interchangeable, there is a difference between the two. Electronic commerce refers to business conducted over the Internet. However, mobile commerce, a part of electronic commerce, refers specifically to businesses that are carried out through mobile devices. After a pandemic, a trend of mobile commerce is growing. Therefore, in the coming years, mobile commerce will dominate the electronic commerce industry.

  1. Integration of wearable devices and applications 

    By 2022, it is expected that the number of portable devices will increase from 453 million in 2017 to 929 million. This forecast is remarkably accurate. Apple and Google are leading or shifting to wearable app integration with updates to WatchOS and a unified wearable platform. Many companies focus on developing portable application integration to offer their users a seamless experience.

  1. Development of cross-platform applications

As iOS and Android solutions together dominate the app market. There is no place to develop separate applications for different platforms, as companies are now working to create cross-platform applications. Many companies are hiring developers to work on cross-platform applications for their companies.

  1. Personalization

    While personalization is new now, it ruled 2022. Smartphone users once again enjoyed personalized experiences in 2022. New apps and technologies are working together to enhance the user experience through personalization. A machine learning technology turned increasingly common to improve user’s personalization.

Other popular 2022 mobile technology trends include geofencing, biometrics, cloud-based technology, and in-app gestures. Some of these trends have matured and sometimes reached maturity in the next year. In the coming years, mobile technology will continue to expand and develop. Keeping this much the same can safely give companies an advantage.

2022 has been a great year for development of new technology trends and has given us all food for thought and a great vision for the future ahead.

By A W Moghul



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