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Digital Healthcare Revolution.

Digital Healthcare Revolution.

Digital health tools are fast becoming the catalyst for great change in personal health management, enabling active and continuous support of a person’s health and wellbeing.

Whole-person integrative healthcare is what is needed to make a transformational shift from reactive episodic care to pro-active health management. With the emergence of a range of innovative digital health tools, we see this finally happening.

In our existing healthcare system, we address health issues once they have already manifested. This healthcare model is centered around finding the best way to deal with issues once they have come into existence. This reactive approach misses a few tricks. It is easier to prevent a health issue than it is to deal with an existing one. Also, the knee-jerk approach to health that we subscribe to stops us from thriving, from living life to its fullest potential. This comes at a cost, to us personally, as well as to society as a whole.

Having emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic, the mood has changed. As a population, we feel more uncertain about our future, giving rise to anxiety, stress, poor sleep and other debilitative issues. Our current healthcare model is not equipped to handle problems like these and certainly not on the scale that we are experiencing across the population. We need a continuous, more holistic approach to health management. One that empowers people to take charge of their own health and wellbeing and one that prevents bigger health issues from arising by addressing the early signs and symptoms.

People are also feeling more motivated than ever to take charge of their own wellbeing. This motivation will drive the change.

Digital healthcare solutions can easily be tweaked to accommodate changing needs continuously offering new ways to deliver healthcare and improve outcomes. Thanks to digital healthcare, we can make more informed assessments of the health of the general population. The aim is to deliver the right treatment, to the right person, at the right time. The emerging digital technologies help support this objective, including wearable devices, Apps and the use of big data. 85% of our healthcare costs are a result of chronic conditions. Continuous care is a necessity to improve outcomes for chronic patients.

At MeloKura, they have developed a range of evidence-based frequency therapy sound streams to alleviate the issues that stop us from thriving.

MeloKura puts the listener’s body in a state of recovery, relieving stress and anxiety and building resilience. They have collaborated with leading clinicians and researchers, to validate the positive results their user’s experience.

You can read more about the studies on

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MeloKura also collaborates with the creators of various wearable health devices, allowing their users to track the positive effect MeloKura has in near real-time. With a wearable health tracker, the user can see for himself/herself that MeloKura works.

By A W Moghul

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