Three epic ahead of EE in the 5G race once again

Three epic ahead of EE in the 5G race once again

The solid growth of Three continued during the first half of 2022, with the Operator gaining more customers for its network and expanding its 5G network.

5G is already activated at more than 3,300 sites and now covers 56% of the UK population – up from the more than 55% that its rival EE claims it makes public in its most recent financial results.
Currently, the 4G service of Three is now accessible to 99% of the United Kingdom and a company has confirmed that it intends to unlink 3G by the end of 2024 to concentrate on its more advanced infrastructure.


Three 5G

Three’s customers traditionally use more data than their equivalents on other networks and that trend continues. The average killer now consumes 21 GB for more – an increase of 24% year-on-year, and its 4G network carries 28% of UK mobile data traffic.
The number of active contract customers increased 6% to 8.2 million – a number that exceeds the rest of the market. When pre-paid customers are added to the mix, the base increased 5% to 9.9 million.
They are selling a growing contribution from a wider range of divisions, such as B2B, SMARTY and this resulted in improved margin and increased EBITDA.

Three continue to evolve their B2B offerings – with that customer base growing by more than 130% they believe it does much more to go into Three Business.”

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