Tuesday , 26 March 2019
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You can now use emojis as the icons for your Wunderlist to-do lists

You can now use emojis as the icons for your Wunderlist to-do lists

Making lists in the Wunderlist app just got more fun. 🙌

Today Microsoft-owned Wunderlist announced that you can now use an emoji as the symbol for each of your to-do lists in the app. The change is live on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows 7, Chrome, and the Wunderlist web app, according to a blog post. Until now, you could only use a boring “list” icon showing three bullet points with horizontal lines next to them. 🎉

This might seem like a cutesy little feature addition — or just another update from Wunderlist. But when you play around with it, you’ll find that it’s addictive, and you might want to make list after list after list. And next thing you know, you’ll be keeping all of your important lists in Wunderlist. 💻

And that is exactly what Microsoft would like to see after buying Wunderlist’s parent company, 6Wunderkinder, earlier this year. 👏

Of course, you can make lists on other apps that have varying degrees of emoji support, including Asana, Todoist, and Trello. But I can say that I’m feeling particularly trigger-happy in Wunderlist today, especially with keyboard shortcuts like “command-L” to add a new list and “command-N” to add a new item to a list. The problem is checking them all off. 😄

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