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Tuesday , 16 July 2019
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Twitter adds ‘while you were away’ feature

Twitter adds ‘while you were away’ feature

by Chris Smith 01 January 2015 |



Twitter is adding a new feature which shows users highlights of the tweets they may have missed since their last logon.

The ‘while you were away feature’ which began rolling out to some members shows the top tweets at the top of the timeline.

Naturally, the tweets will be chosen by Twitter, which is the first sign of the social network deploying a Facebook-like algorithm, rather than simply displaying tweets in chronological order..

It’ll prove a useful addition for those who follow hundreds of accounts and have to scroll through countless tweets in order to catch up on their timelines.

However, it’s sure to annoy some users who enjoy the linear nature of the Twitter timeline as opposed to the inconsistent nature of the Facebook News Feed.

It’s not clear how Twitter choses those highlights, but it would make sense if it were based on retweets, favourites or the users previous interactions with that account.

For those who don’t wish to see the ‘while you were away’ tweets, it seems like it’ll be easy to close down, judging by the cross that appears in screenshots.

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Not everyone on Twitter is seeing the feature yet, the Guardian reports, but it’ll presumably begin hitting all users in the coming days.

“Every time you open the Twitter app, you’ll see something great,” the company said when they first announced the feature back in November 2014.

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