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Tweet chat today: Customer identity unification and why you’re doing it wrong

Tweet chat today: Customer identity unification and why you’re doing it wrong

Ever wish you could just eavesdrop on a great discussion at the local coffee shop and find out what your competitors are doing differently — or maybe better? VentureBeat’s Twitter Chats are your opportunity to join in that conversation without being a coffee shop creeper.

Join VentureBeat on Thursday, August 20th at 12 p.m. PT/ 3 p.m. ET/ 19:00 GMT for a special Twitter Chat with VentureBeat Insight analyst Andrew Jones. We’ll be chatting about marketing personalization — specifically customer identity and unification.  In addition to Andrew, we’ve also invited industry insiders and marketing experts to share their wisdom and insight — and we want to hear your voice as well. You can follow the #vbwebinars hashtag to stay up to the minute in the chat.

Here’s how it works:

  • Log into your Twitter account using Twitter’s native web app or your favorite Twitter client and start chiming in at 12 p.m. PT/ 3 p.m. ET/ 19:00 GMT. It’s just that easy.
  • Introduce yourself with your first #vbwebinars tweet, including your name, title, and the organization you are with.
  • The questions will flow from the @VentureBeat Twitter handle with the hashtag #vbwebinars tagged to each tweet. For example:

The Tweet Chat Questions

@VentureBeat will issue questions out to our audience with a hashtag #vbwebinars to trend the discussion (this is the same hashtag that we’ll be using for our webinar as well). It will ask the first question at 12:01 pm, the second question at 12:10 pm and the third question at 12:20 pm PST.

Q1 When it comes to customer identity data, what is harder? Collecting it or unifying it. Why? #vbwebinars

From VentureBeat

Your customers are hitting your platform from several different devices — are you prepared? Free webinar on the omnichannel marketing strategy.

Q2 What data is most valuable for understanding customers? Historical interactions or behaviors? Which do you use most? #vbwebinars

Q3 Where do you store most customer data used for marketing? CRM? Marketing automation? Customer identity management? Something else? #vbwebinars

Twitter users following this event will reply using the #vbwebinars hashtag. The conversation will be followed by searching on #vbwebinars hashtag.

Helpful Tweet Chat Strategies

  • Please don’t pitch products or services — stay focused on the topic and contribute your thought leadership.
  • Remember that this is a public chat — keep it professional but informal.
  • Don’t forget the #vbwebinars hashtag or your comments will be invisible to most of the chat participants.

What’s in it for you? Besides the obvious interesting discussion and knowledge sharing, participants in our Twitter chats report gaining significant numbers of followers and seeing their Klout score increase. Of course, it’s a pretty entertaining and fast half hour of chatting too.

We’d love to have your participation in the Twitter chat this Thursday at 12:00 pm PST.

This Twitter chat is a pre-cursor to our upcoming webinar on ID UnificationRegister today so that you don’t miss the live roundtable discussion and audience Q&A — and gain valuable insight on a topic that makes or breaks marketing campaigns.

Register here for free!

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