Tuesday , 17 September 2019
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This Chrome extension moves Twitter’s Moments tab back where it belongs

This Chrome extension moves Twitter’s Moments tab back where it belongs

Okay, maybe I came off a bit strong there with that headline. Let’s start over.

In October, Twitter released a feature called Moments, a collection of tweets designed to make sense of Twitter’s chaos for the next wave (?) of users. It’s full of news, photos, sports, sponsored content, Star Wars, and other wonderful things. It’s a lot like Snapchat Stories. Instagram is doing something like it, too. And it all makes sense, really.

Twitter is a social network in constant disorder and that’s what makes it great. But the service is difficult to parse. So while “power” users may love it, new users appear put off by the whole thing. Unfortunately, power users (myself included), tend to panic when we encounter change.

So, while I could have simply waited a few days to get used to Twitter’s decision to swap its Notifications tab with its Moments tab (as a friend of mine suggested), I didn’t. I panicked, briefly, and other people panicked with me, after repeatedly clicking the Moments tab by mistake. I’ve had a long day.

If you can’t stand the change, here’s your (almost certainly temporary fix): Another friend of mine, Cullen MacDonald, whipped up this Chrome extension which puts the Notifications tab back in its former spot. You’re welcome, and sorry.

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