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COMPANY PROFILE: Speedflow – telecom services provider and VoIP software developer

by admin – January 30, 2015 Founded in 2004, Speedflow is already a well-known telecom services provider and VoIP software developer. The company’s telecom portfolio includes wholesale and retail premium VoIP A-Z termination services that targets transit carriers and corporate subscribers. Among its customers you can find Tier-1 national, global carriers, ISPs, corporate carriers and residential VoIP providers. Speedflow’s constantly expanded network includes points ... Read More »

Seagate’s New Inexpensive Cloud Storage Favors Small Businesses

by Antony Maina – January 26, 2015 Google Drive, One Drive, or Dropbox have all become popular with cloud storage but there is a new wave blowing – that of personal cloud data storage and to this end Seagate has stepped in to provide Personal Cloud service. The storage giant showcased its new Iaas, Infrastructure-as-a-Service products at the CES 2015. ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy A7 Smartphone for Social Network Lovers

by Antony Maina – January 21, 2015 Samsung’s newest phone, the Galaxy A7, stands out in 2 ways; its is the most thin phone of all its Galaxy A collections and a lot of emphasis has also been put on social networking. For a while now, there has been many rumors on its release that its actual realease doesnt feel ... Read More »

Speedflow’s CallMax update increases efficiency, brings new billing and invoicing features

by admin – December 19, 2014 Speedflow has just launched a new version of CallMax, a Class 5 Softswitch for VoIP retail. The new release offers a host of new features that increase efficiency, reduce hassle and makes the software more competitive. Among the upgrades in the new release are: A responsive web interface that supports all kinds of devices, such as smartphones ... Read More »

Speedflow now supports VoIP in Africa

by admin – December 15, 2014   Speedflow announced that it now supports and develops businesses in Africa. To contribute to VoIP development in the region, Speedflow is offering  its hosted IP PBX, Calling Card and Call Shop solutions at an “unprecedented low price” especially for African companies. The company invites African VoIP providers looking to optimize their business and migrate to a more reliable ... Read More »

Speedflow’s MediaCore solution gets a huge update

by admin – November 19, 2014   Speedflow released “the biggest update ever” to its MediaCore Class 4 switching and billing solution. MediaCore version 4.3 is packed with various new features and it’s available right now from Speedflow. The new release introduces numerous new features and improvements: – Additional security tools. – Upgraded Spam Calls filtering. – A handy new Event Trace option in ... Read More »

Amplicomms Power Tel M9000 ‘Grandoid’ – Smartphone for Seniors

by Antony Maina – November 18, 2014   Amplicomms, a mobile phone company, has introduced a new phone specifically tailored for senior citizens. PowerTel M9000, nicknamed ‘Grandoid’, has a loud ringtone that makes it great for people with hearing impairment. The easy-to-read-screen also makes it ideal for people with impaired sight. There is also an easy to access SOS button at the rear. ... Read More »

New Bitcasa CloudFS Platform Released

by Antony Maina – November 3, 2014   Cloud storage provider Bitcasa has recently announced the introduction of Bitcasa CloudFS. The new platform enables developers to have control over user data, making it possible to create applications that make use of Bitcasa’s secure and scalable cloud infrastructure. The platform also features the Bitcasa CloudFS API that enables developers to seamlessly incorporate the Bitcasa platform ... Read More »

Conversant Gets into ISP

by Antony Maina – October 21, 2014   Conversant seems focused on getting their hands on ISP, as they recently launched a broadband service that helps its customers to get the most of VoIP. The broadband service, dubbed C-Net, is specifically designed to fit businesses and it is available to all PABX Conversant hosted customers. Conversant’s managing director, Cameron Beattie, ... Read More »