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Syniverse Expands Global Data Roaming Reach for India's BSNL

Syniverse Expands Global Data Roaming Reach for India's BSNL

Published on: 15th Dec 2015

Syniverse has signed a multiyear agreement with India’s BSNL to expand its global data roaming capability through the Syniverse GRX Network Solution, INPack.

“The surge in data demand driven by smart devices has transformed the mobile world, and made connectivity more crucial than ever before for users who leave home,” said Shri R.K. Mittal Director (CM), BSNL. “Through one agreement and one connection, the Syniverse GRX Network Solution enables us to provide our customers with comprehensive data roaming coverage around the world while significantly streamlining our technical implementation and infrastructure cost.”

As the world’s second-largest mobile market, India offers a significant opportunity for data roaming. More than 900 million people have a mobile subscription, yet less than 120 million have smartphones, pointing to a tremendous growth opportunity for increasing data use.

With the scalability of the Syniverse GRX Network Solution, users gain the benefit of seamless access to their data network when they roam nationally and internationally, regardless of their operators’ roaming partner networks. In addition to providing the reach and capabilities their subscribers demand, operators gain the benefit of quicker implementation of roaming services and reduced cost and time to market.

The agreement expands on a 10-year-plus relationship between BSNL and Syniverse.

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