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Set Up MVNO UK, An independant view, Part 1

Set Up MVNO UK, An independant view, Part 1


by Shams Moghul.

Shams Moghul currently holds a (Mobile Product Manager) position in a UK based MVNE, his division is (Next Generation Communications Apps).


How does one go about setting up a UK based MVNO in 2014?


This write up is a totally independent look in to setting up an MVNO in the United Kingdom in the present year of 2014.

Although I actually work for an MVNE, for those who are getting accustomed with such terminology, an MVNE is “Mobile Virtual Network Enabler” they are the kind of companies that go about setting up “MVNO”`s for third parties. To keep this writing as independent as possible i will not mention my employer.

Having  helped companies set up  in the past I really hope I can begin to shed some light on this topic and maybe try to help potential greenfield MVNOS or those considering the possibility of establishing a UK based MVNO. This information has not been put in any order of importance, it touches the different elements and hopefully may broaden the readers horizons. I hope you can find some use in it.

Writing any kind of information on this topic I must begin with a number of assumptions.  The  first of such assumptions would be that you have created a strong brand name and already considered your MVNO Niche & really homed in to your target market. You have carried out some solid research because this element is the make or break of the business. You have to be sure that your target have a need for your offering, or find strategies to create the demand if that is at all relevant.  One of the reasons why MVNO`s are created is because they truly believe they have a trick or two that the mobile network operators have missed. The second of such assumptions would be that you have relatively deep pockets and access to funds. You have formulated a very agile, focused and tech savvy marketing plan.

We live a new world now dominated by technology and on the go instant communications, a broad marketing plan must be considered utilizing the different medias available with Social media in all forms at the center and heart of the operation. As mentioned earlier a very focused marketing plan seeking out exactly where your target is and how you can expose yourself to that target.

Approach A UK Mobile Network Operator Directly

Be warned and be on your guard while utilizing this approach, make sure you have:

1) Significant amounts of investment funds, minimum of £500,000.00 (Five Hundred Thousand Pounds)

2) A Plan. Must be a big plan, they wont touch anything small.

3) Be part of the industry. Know your stuff.


Approach A MVNE/MVNA Directly

The MVNE can significantly lower your market entry costs, time to market and they are empowered to appoint and manage all aspects that can be required by the MVNO.

But be ready and be warned to negotiate at all levels of pricing points.

1) Negotiate a lower set up Fee

2) Negotiate a lower monthly Fee

3) Reduce or remove the monthly per Sim card cost.

4) Reduce the cost of purchasing each Sim card.


Here I would really want to touch some pricing elements and what you can expect to pay. To go in to specifics of pricing means that i will have to mention the name of companies in this space. I don’t want to utilize this methodology because it would remove the element of independence.

In my next blog, part 2 i will go in to certain costings and the differences between the MNO and the MVNE and what kind of information you may have to provide the MNO if you decided to go in that direction.

I really hope this humble and bleak offering helps someone in any way possible.

Be sure to read part 2 of  “How to set up a UK MVNO” by Shams Moghul

by Shams Moghul.

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