Wednesday , 22 May 2019
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PUBG Mobile Beta Now Available for Android, Lets You Try Unreleased Features – NDTV

PUBG Mobile Beta Now Available for Android, Lets You Try Unreleased Features – NDTV

PUBG Mobile is a popular game among Android and iOS users, and up until now, it was only available as a stable release. However, in a new development, Tencent Games has now released a PUBG Mobile beta version on Google Play, for Android users to get a taste of all the upcoming features before they are released commercially. Of course the beta version has a lot of bugs and issues, and it could affect your gameplay. In any case, the beta programme is already showing as full on Google Play, therefore users can’t register to be a part of it any more. A warning message displays that space may open up in the future, so you will have to wait till then. The app is listed as Beta PUBG Mobile.

All those who are already part of the beta version before the list got full are now able to see what version 0.7.0 may include when it arrives. Android Police reports that it includes Arcade Mode – War, a fast version of the Arcade Mode, as well as a new weapon – the SLR sniper rifle. There’s also a feature called Portable Closets that let users change clothes during the match. However, do not that this does not pause the match so you need to ensure you’re in a safe spot.

The new version also overhauls the main menu design, making tools like game mode, map, viewfinder, and others more accessible. One important thing to note is that the beta version doesn’t support in-app purchases, and there is no sign-in process as well. So, there is no way you can save your progress.

PUBG Mobile competes heavily with Fortnite, a game made by Epic Games. While PUBG is available on iOS and Android, Fortnite is only available on iOS for now. However, a recent report suggests that Fortnite rakes in five times the revenue when compared to PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS combined. This is despite Fortnite only having about half the downloads when compared to PUBG Mobile.



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