Monday , 20 May 2019
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The Mobile App KPIs You Need to Track for Faster Success – Business 2 Community

If you’re not tracking metrics, analyzing them, and tweaking your app accordingly, you’re missing out on potential optimizations that could improve the user experience (UX) and delight your customers. Setting mobile app KPIs (key performance indicators) for revenue, performance, and UX is an important first step toward accomplishing this. But there are tons of KPIs to choose from. How do ... Read More »

App Your Way through Christmas – Appolicious

Below are five apps to help you get through Christmas stress-free: The Christmas Gift List The Christmas Gift List allows you to take back control of your Christmas shopping, managing everything from your budget to how many presents you have left to wrap. Create lists for all of the important people in your life with the gift you plan on ... Read More »

Study: Mobile Transactions Rise For Brands Promoting Apps 12/24/2018 – MediaPost Communications

Mobile transactions accounted for 40% in North America and 52% in Asia-Pacific of all transactions globally. In the United States, the share of sales via smartphone rose 14% during the third quarter in 2018 compared with the year-ago quarter. In other parts of the world, the spike was more dramatic. The Criteo data, gathered during the third quarter of 2018, ... Read More »

The future of biometric authentication lies beyond mobile apps – Biometric Update

This is a guest post by Vivek Lakshman, VP of Innovation at ThumbSignIn. Once the domain of high government officials or James Bond Flicks, biometric identification is now commonplace to most anyone who owns a recent smartphone. Fingerprints and facial recognition software are regularly used to unlock phones and fill in passwords. But this sort of technology has an even ... Read More »

Tesla's mobile app can remotely heat your seats – Engadget

Roberto Baldwin/Engadget Tesla has rolled out an update for its mobile app that can ensure you’re sliding into a warm and toasty car in this wintry weather. You can now use the app to remotely activate your electric vehicle’s heated seats — you only need to tap on that part of the car’s virtual model within the application. If your ... Read More »

Google Suspends Two Mobile Apps After Reports of Ad Fraud – The Wall Street Journal

A Cheetah Mobile kiosk at a conference in India in 2016. Photo: abhishek chinnappa/Reuters 0 Comments By Aisha Al-Muslim Aisha Al-Muslim The Wall Street Journal Biography @AishaAlMuslim Updated Dec. 4, 2018 5:23 p.m. ET Google has suspended two apps from its Google Play app store amid allegations that they could have been used in an ad fraud scheme. Based ... Read More »

Tesla releases new mobile app update with remote seat heating and service scheduling – Electrek

As promised by Elon Musk just earlier this week, Tesla released a new mobile app update that lets owners remotely activate their heated seat and steering wheel as well as schedule a service appointment. Earlier this week, Tesla released a new version of its vehicle software: 2018.48.12. With the update, the automaker said that it would release new mobile app features: ... Read More »

Gena Roach: Mobile Optimized Websites Versus Mobile Apps – Mortgageorb

Gena Roach PERSON OF THE WEEK: To cut operating costs, stay competitive and deliver an outstanding borrower experience, it has become imperative for mortgage lenders to deliver a smooth, simple and intuitive online mortgage process – and for that reason, practically all lenders are now investing in e-mortgage technology. In general, this involves the deployment of a digital “front-end” or ... Read More »