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Bill Gurley to speak on the future of ecommerce, innovation and mar-tech disruption

Bill Gurley to speak on the future of ecommerce, innovation and mar-tech disruption

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Everyone in Silicon Valley and in the broader technology community knows Bill Gurley of Benchmark. From insightful interviews to a head-turning Tweetstorm, Bill is one of the most followed and sought after venture capitalists. He’s built his career on growth, innovation, and disruption, and is an investor in next generation technologies including Uber, OpenTable, Zillow, and Sailthru.

Bill will be sitting down with Brad Stone, author of The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon, on September 15th, 2015 at BeatBox in San Francisco to share his insider’s perspective on the future of ecommerce. Attendees can expect a primer on how brands can maximize customer lifetime value, better navigate the marketing technology landscape, and adopt modern approaches to leveraging customer data. Hosted by Sailthru, the free event takes place from 8 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Pacific (with breakfast served, of course).

Prior to making his mark on Silicon Valley through venture capital, Bill was a top-ranked Wall Street research analyst at CS First Boston and a design engineer at Compaq Computer. This unique combination enables Bill to do more than consider surface metrics; he’s known for looking deep under the hood, identifying opportunity, and bucking the status quo.

Last month, in Bill’s first Tweetstorm, he said that we could be nearing the end of the cycle where growth is valued more than profitability; where investors fairly and abruptly refocus on business model viability and path to profitability.

At the September 15th event, Bill will share insights on balancing growth with profitability and the impact of modern technology on customer retention and revenue potential. We expect to get his view on what’s holding companies back from investing in the innovative solutions available today – is it the legacy view of retention being a function of simplistic customer loyalty programs? Is it because customer retention efforts have historically been difficult to create, test, execute, and measure? Is it because brands have yet to truly leverage a modern approach to personalization that goes beyond field insertion and rules-based segmentation?

Ecommerce leaders and marketers will walk away from the event understanding what they need to do to drive customer retention, partner with companies who understand the value of those efforts, and help them optimize existing data and programs.

Set amid predictions of a shifting investor landscape, the discussion will provide attendees with perspectives needed to overcome legacy inertia, adopt new technologies, and understand why the term ‘marketing cloud’ is a buzzword fraught with danger.

Interested in attending the event? Register here.

Neil Capel is Founder and Chairman of Sailthru.

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