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Mobile Apps & the POWER of the VOIP Dialer.
Mobile VoIP means making VoIP calls through mobile phones and  with the increasing smartphone penetration and the usage of mobile internet (3G, 4G and Wi-Fi), Mobile VoIP is constantly gaining ground.  VOIP Dialer has become an important layer of the mobile VOIP revolution.  Apart from low cost calls, Mobile VoIP facilitates IP Calls, Mobile Top Up and a host of Value Added Services (VAS). Hence, more and more service providers are leaning towards Mobile VoIP to attain higher revenue.

DialerApp provides the critical elements required to make Mobile VOIP a reality.


DialerApp for VOIP service providers

DialerApp on the client side is a set of Carrier grade Mobile VOIP Dialer`s. Our apps are built specifically for VOIP service providers, Mobile Network Operators, Mobile Virtual Network Operators and brands looking to enter the market place by providing a value added service to their existing customers or subscribers.
The aim of DialerApp is to create another dimension or layer of VOIP service through the strong culture of Mobile Apps with the AIM of offering subscriber convenience, confidence and a range of value added services that not only generate revenues but creates extra brand awareness and allows for new entry points.

Introducing the DialerApp Range

DialerApp PRO 110
DialerApp Call Shop

DialerApp can be connected to 3rd party switching infrastructures. DialerApp can be provided connected to our own switch.

No need for large investments our complete architecture and switching infrastructure is ideal for new entrants to the VOIP marketplace.


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DialerApp is a wholly owned division of ZaaCom, London UK.

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