The Most Popular Mobile Apps in the World

Since mobile gadgets took over as the most popular devices of the 21st century, applications have become the centre of innovation. The ever-expanding market for communication and entertainment platforms sees the production of apps in the thousands. The applications evolve with customer behaviour to meet and challenge the expectations of what modern technology can achieve. Below are the mobile apps that work to make life simpler for people across the globe.


Gambling is a popular indulgent around the world, which makes the availability of casino applications a common occurrence. Betway mobile casino Canada is among the most prominent gambling applications worldwide with operations in nearly all continents. The app is loved for numerous reasons, including:

  • A variety of sections specialized for each market, including casino, live casino, sports betting, eSports betting, and jackpots
  • A simple, user-friendly design that is crafted to load fast and use minimal data
  • Push notifications that can be activated to keep users informed on bonuses and promotions as well as any upcoming fixtures


888 Holdings is among the biggest gambling companies in the world with a foot in nearly every sector of the industry. Like Betway, 888 has specialized application options in different target markets that offer a range of services, the most significant one being the sports section. 888 online casino is also widely popular with a range of slots, table games, live casino sets, and jackpots. Some popular slots that can be played on the site include:

  • Lord of the Wilds
  • Book of Dead
  • Safari Riches
  • Octopus Treasure
  • Millionaire Genie
  • A Nightmare on Elm street
  • French Revolution
  • The Grand Galore
  • Ray of Light


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the world hard in 2020, physical interaction has come to a near standstill for most. Zoom has been crowned the saviour of the crisis by making videoconferencing an easy task. The app has become a standard tool for having face-to-face communications for businesses, religious communities, government workers, and even regular individuals. The application is a cloud-based video communication app with a load of collaborative abilities for live chats, screen-sharing, and webinars. Zoom is preferred over most others because an account is not required to attend a meeting. Also, it is available on almost all operating systems, including iOS, Linux, Windows, Mac, and Android.

Google Meet

Google Meet is the Zoom version of Google, which is primarily designed for professional use. The videoconferencing platform can support up to 100 people in a single meeting. The application is usually integrated with Gmail and Google Calendar on the G Suite to execute pre-schedule meetings, but they can also be fired up manually. Even though it is effective, it has the downside of not being able to function on all web browsers such as Safari and works best on Google Chrome. Also, setting up a Google Meet session comes at a cost which varies for different membership tiers as follows:

  • G Suite Basic – $6 per month for up to 25 people
  • G Suite Business – $12 per month for up to 50 people
  • G Suite Enterprise – $25 per month for up to 100 people


This multinational tech giant is the leading eCommerce marketplace worldwide. It started as a website but now comes with a dedicated mobile app for nearly all operating systems. The platform goes beyond eCommerce and offers Artificial Intelligence (Alexa), cloud computing, and streaming services as well. Amazon has created an exceptional online shopping experience that delivers to more than 100 countries worldwide and targets both sellers and buyers. The prices vary for the items listed according to the orders made and the party that is selling.


Uber is the world’s leading online cab service, which has revived an industry that was predicted to die off in a few years. The application currently has more than 100 million active users spread across 400 cities in more than 70 countries. Uber allows one to hail a cab with a few taps and even has filters that can customize the kind of taxi to use from regular to luxury rides. The application incorporates Google Maps to show the driver the exact location of the client and vice versa. It also indicates an estimated time to reach the destination from the pick-up point, as well as the price to pay.


Airbnb is a mobile application that facilitates the booking of accommodation. However, rather than focusing on hotels, it helps tourists to stay with locals by encouraging homestays. One can also book private boutiques and apartments, and it has a global presence in tens of countries. The app is the definition of user-friendly and allows clients to use a variety of filters to explore the options they would like. It can also check any activities that are popular in the area, which attracts both leisure and business travellers.


Facebook, which has been running since 2004, is the world’s most popular social media and social networking website. The app version is accessible on gadgets running on various OS, including Android, Blackberry, iOS, and others. Facebook boasts more than five billion downloads, with more than two billion active users. The platform recently integrated business communication, which has made it even more popular.


Instagram is one of the networking sites that have seen relentless growth since its establishment. The social media site was introduced in 2010 and has since gained more than one billion users. The platform lets people connect with others from around the globe, using images and short videos. It also serves as a digital marketing tool by supporting advertisements.


YouTube is the unquestionable king of video entertainment, which thrives by operating for the people and by the people. The app provides access to millions of videos that fall in a wide range of categories to suit different needs. Users can subscribe to specific creators whose content they like consuming and get recommendations according to them and other algorithm factors.

Final Remarks

Mobile usage is increasing steadily around the world, which means that app production will also follow the same suite. These applications offer seamless interactions for business and leisure purposes, which allows them to thrive over thousands of other options.

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