Monday , 1 June 2020
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Smile partners with Taxify on 4G LTE mobile connectivity

Smile partners with Taxify on 4G LTE mobile connectivity

Smile Communications Nigeria (Smile) has announced a strategic partnership with Taxify to improve internet connectivity on trips and help drivers reduce operating costs.

The partnership, available to all registered drivers across Nigeria, offers them the opportunity to own a Smile device bundled with a bespoke data plan at an affordable rate, a statement from Smile said yesterday.


The service will also include free in-car Superfast broadband internet access to improve rider’s experiences on the go.

“This partnership is very exciting for both organizations. It combines the innovative services that empower Smile customers stay in touch with loved ones and achieve more, with Taxify’sreliable and safe rides necessary for passengers to commute”, says Onamari Horsfall, GM, Sales & Distribution of Smile Nigeria.


According to Uche Okafor, Country Manager at Taxify for Nigeria, “This strategic partnership with Smile is consistent with our mission to be the best way to move within the country. Better internet access equals a more reliable and rewarding service both on the driver end and the rider end and this partnership will be instrumental to help guarantee an overall better experience for everyone within the Taxify ecosystem”.

Acclaimed as the pioneer of 4G LTE technology in West Africa, Smile Nigeria has consistently provided value adding products and services.

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