Sunday , 31 May 2020
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OnePlus will show a 5G prototype at Mobile World Congress

OnePlus will show a 5G prototype at Mobile World Congress

Richard Lai/Engadget

OnePlus is finally ready to show off 5G hardware after months of talking about it. The phone maker will have a presence at Qualcomm’s booth during Mobile World Congress (February 25th through February 28th), and it plans to feature a 5G “prototype.” It’ll give attendees a chance to “connect and communicate” with the community using the next-gen wireless tech, and will demo the possibilities for “5G gaming.” Really, it’s a peek at what OnePlus might do for its first 5G phone.

You’ll have to be content with experiencing OnePlus’ 5G showcase from afar, since Mobile World Congress isn’t open to the public (assuming you can visit Barcelona in the first place). However, we’ll be sure to give you as close a look as possible. It certainly beats waiting until the premium-priced phone arrives months later.

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