Argentine MVNO Imowi

Argentine MVNO Imowi

Argentine mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Imowi wants to invest close to US$1million a year to keep up with the expanding required in the country.



This amount, includes some opex, which will be used for different projects which include the incorporation of voice over 4G and voice over Wi-Fi, improvements in Wi-Fi carrier grade and the update of the platform to 5G, when needed.

Imowi has invested more than US$2million to start up the MVNO, which launched in January this year.

Imowi is a project of the Catel Cooperative Chamber to create an MVNO for cooperatives and SMEs of the country to offer mobile services bundled with

their current offer of fixed line services.

Imowi first started offering services to employees and relatives of the cooperatives. Imowi was launched by the cooperative from the coastal city of Pinamar, Telpin. Between September and November, it addd the first five cooperatives with the service commercially available for the mass market.

In addition, it has an agreement with the Colsecor cooperative network and also signed a deal with Chaco province telecommunications company Ecom to explore the possibility of a marketing agreement.

Ecom offers product and services directly to the consumer they also are wholesalers, offering services to ISPs. Ecom offers mobile services directly to users or through the ISPs. Imowi are continuingly advancing their agreement with their suppliers so that the supply of the services in the country Improve.


Second stage, Imowi’s wants to expanding mobile coverage. They are working with Telefónica to see if they can put more coverage, with their own investment, they have sites in places where there is no coverage .

Imowi’s budget is financed and contribution of cooperatives, the program will extend the infrastructure which will require agreements with investors.

Movistar extend its coverage for all its clients, which in addition to adding new users through Imowi.

By Abdul W Moghul


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