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Most Popular Categories Of Mobile Apps For Smartphones – MobileAppDaily

Most Popular Categories Of Mobile Apps For Smartphones – MobileAppDaily

It is believed that the more functional a smartphone, the more productive its hardware characteristics, the better it is. But not always the potential of a smartphone can reveal only its regular functionality.

Mobile applications can provide much more opportunities for smartphone users – small programs written for a particular mobile platform. What can a smartphone do with special applications installed on it?

Most Popular Categories Of Smartphone Mobile Applications 

Here is a list featuring the top 10 most popular categories of mobile applications for smartphones: 

mobile applications for smartphones

1. Tracking the location of people 

Your smartphone can track the location of your friends or loved ones, of course, with their consent. A special application, using the built-in GPS-navigation module, will track their location (cafe, gas station, any other institution in the area).

And will lay out the shortest route for you personally so that you can reach them with the least amount of time. 

2. Recognition of QR-codes 

A smartphone can recognize QR codes – bar codes that are used to distribute links and other information that is difficult to remember.

Bring your smartphone to the image of the code (on posters, in magazines, the Internet), enable a special application that counts the QR code, and your smartphone will immediately open a page with the information you are interested in. 

3. Entertainment program 

The smartphone will help you choose the best entertainment program for yourself. You have decided to rest, but do not know where you could go? In this, a special application will help you to search for places of entertainment – sights of the city, cinema, theaters, night clubs, bars, restaurants, exhibitions, places for families with children.

As a rule, such applications are equipped with a search function for places to rest near your location, so you may not have to go anywhere far. If you’re a fan of entertainment apps, then you’ll love the article about best lip sync apps

4. Weather and currency rates 

The smartphone will allow you to be aware of the weather for tomorrow or currency rate changes. To plan a successful departure for nature or the purchase of products for currency at a successful rate. Install the appropriate application on your smartphone that will always keep you informed of events of interest – the weather anywhere in the world or the latest changes in the foreign exchange market.

Exchange rates from national or commercial banks, exchange rates for a particular country, the database of exchangers of large cities – in the stores for any of the mobile platforms you can find a lot of such applications. 

5. Traffic jams 

A smartphone is an ideal way to keep abreast of traffic jams on megalopolises. Having a smartphone with a special application that contains up-to-date information about traffic jams, you will no longer need to ring around your acquaintances to find out how best to get to your destination while avoiding the boring waiting time in a traffic jam.

A special application will allow you to immediately assess the picture of what is happening and make your own decision about how best to get to your destination. Moreover, such applications, as a rule, are themselves able to assess the situation and offer you the best route. 

6. Taxi call 

You can always quickly order a taxi. Having a smartphone, you no longer need to look for the phone number of the taxi operator and call, explaining where the taxi driver needs to go.

A special mobile application to call a taxi will independently determine your location using the built-in GPS navigation module and automatically call a taxi. Want even more useful apps? Then read it here

7. Cinema tickets online 

You can buy movie tickets online. This is very convenient since with a smartphone and a special application it can be done in just a few clicks. Purchased tickets you will not need to pick up at any point of the order.

Tickets for the virtual version will be stored on your smartphone, and the controller at the entrance to the cinema will consider them from a smartphone as a special scanning device.

This category of mobile applications is tied to territoriality. You can find out about such applications on the cinema sites of your city or browse the applications on the market that work with your city. 

8. Shopping list 

The smartphone is the perfect tool for keeping a shopping list. For a long time, no one has gone to supermarkets, holding a piece of paper in front of them with a list of products that need to be bought.

With the help of a special mobile application, a trip to the supermarket turns into an interesting logic game, where you complete your own shopping quest, according to a previously prepared list in electronic form.

This kind of shopping list application is usually equipped with the functions of a reminder to make purchases if you pass near the supermarket. 

9. Cloud Storage for Media Files 

Millions of Internet users use cloud storage to store data, in particular, media files. If you are the owner of a huge library of movies and music, but you simply do not have enough memory on your smartphone to store all this.

Use the services of cloud services – Internet services provided for storing any user data on them. With the help of mobile applications of such cloud services, you can listen to music or view the video posted there. 

10. Storage of banking and payment data 

You can turn your smartphone into reliable storage for confidential banking and payment data. Logins, passwords, PIN codes, number of accounts and cards for banking and payment systems – all this information is hard to keep in your mind.

Especially if you have already accumulated a considerable collection of cards for various purposes, and even from various banks or payment systems. With the mobile application for storing confidential information, you can keep all your data in one place – in your smartphone, which is always with you.

This kind of application, as a rule, encrypts your confidential information, so that neither your close ones nor the intruders will ever see what you are meant to see. The main thing is that you yourself do not forget the password from the application. 

Summing It All Up 

And this is only a small part of what a smartphone with special applications installed on it can do. Several hundred thousand applications have been developed for popular mobile operating systems.

Today, many corporations, online stores, and services are trying to release a mobile application to promote their services among mobile users. So here is a small matter – to keep your mind open to various interesting possibilities.

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