How to Set Up NowInStock Alerts to Buy Hard-to-Find Gadgets

Have you tried buying a PlayStation 5 this holiday season? What about an Xbox Series X? A new graphics card, perhaps? If you’ve been so far unsuccessful obtaining anything on your wishlist (or, um, your loved ones’ wishlists), then this pro tip will help tilt the odds in your favor. is a website that many of us rely on to track down hard-to-find items, and it’s fairly easy to use. There’s no app, so you’ll have to navigate to the site in your mobile or desktop web browser, then create an account. Add both your email address and phone number if you want to receive notifications in a variety of places. Then search for the item you want to buy—it doesn’t need to be a gadget; NowInStock can comb the web for any number of items. After you find what you’re looking for, click on the three dots, which are text, desktop, and email alerts (from left to right) and make sure they’re all turned on. Now you’ll receive notifications when retailers restock your item.


But for products that are in high demand—yes, that includes the next-gen game consoles—there’s almost no chance NowInStock will alert you quickly enough. Instead, sign up for NowInStock’s Discord and toggle on alerts there. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll see the notification in time to grab a PS5.

Check out the video above for more tips on how to snag this season’s hot-ticket items. If you’ve managed to scoop up a PS5, Xbox Series X, or one of the latest graphics cards, share your strategies in the comments.

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