Sunday , 26 January 2020
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GWENT Is Coming To Smatphones Later This Year – NoobFeed

GWENT Is Coming To Smatphones Later This Year – NoobFeed

CDProjekt Red has just announced that their digital trading card game GWENT that spun off the inrcredibly successful The Witcher series will be hitting mobile devices later this year. While iOS is currently confirmed for a 2019 release, the date for Android is still up in the air and will be announced at a later date.

To quote CDPR's Jason Slama, the Game Director of GWENT: The Witcher Card Game“We’ve been preparing long and hard to adapt GWENT to smartphones,” said Jason “Beautiful visuals aside, we’ve tailored much of our technology, including GOG Galaxy which powers GWENT’s multiplayer, to support mobile devices. I think our vision for bringing GWENT to smartphones combines the best we have to offer both in terms of graphics and gameplay. I can’t wait to share more details on the subject with you later this year.”

It'll be fun to see how GWENT makes the jump to portable devices. I would've preferred to see an announcement on a possible Switch version, but this is the next best thing. Hopefully it'll spur me to finally take the plunge and get good at it!

Eduardo Rebouças, NoobFeed

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