If you are married, spending time alone with a friend of the opposite sex is very unwise. Even if you behave yourselves properly and do not allow the friendship to give way to romance, you are still making yours marriage vulnerable to mistrust and misunderstanding.

The safest policy is the one that protects your marriage from infidelity at all costs.
Countless marriages have been ruined by a relationship that went in a direction it wasn’t intended to go.

Be careful to handle work relationships with the opposite sex carefully. As much as possible, limit your conversation to topics that relate to your work or the situations you are involved in. Be professional in your conduct, and avoid opportunities that make others question the nature of your relationship.

Remember to honor and respect your spouse even when he or she is not watching you. Doing this builds a habit of acting with integrity. This habit eventually becomes your character and your reputation. A bad habit, in turn, will lead to bad character and a potentially ruined reputation.

Balance and extra effort at maintaining trust in your relationship are the keys to handling outside influences in your marriage. Although no marriage is perfect and mistakes are sometimes made, always be willing to put your spouse’s needs ahead of your desire to please a friend, relative, or a coworker.

Your spouse will greatly appreciate the value you place on your relationship, and your marriage will become stronger as you build your lives around one another.

If you have failed to do this and your outside relationship has led to infidelity in your marriage, it is vital that you take full responsibility to stop all contact with the person with whom you had the affair and humbly ask your spouse for complete forgiveness. Making light of the situation will only make matters worse.

Admit you made a very grave mistake, and be willing to do whatever it takes to regain your spouse’s trust if he or she does grant you a second chance.

Marriage vows are sacred and broken trust is very difficult to mend. Avoid situations that can lead to any appearance of infidelity or that can cause your spouse to question your commitment to the relationship.

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