Sunday , 5 April 2020
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4G network installed to ensure mining safety in China's Hubei – Report

4G network installed to ensure mining safety in China's Hubei – Report

Image Source: China Daily

Xinhua reported that high-speed 4G network has been installed in an iron mine 500 meters deep in central China’s Hubei Province to improve mining safety and production efficiency. “Miners are able to send photos, videos and voice messages from underground via 4G network, so that experts can give instructions and solve problems from the control center,” said Mr Sun Baoping, an engineer at Chengchao mining company, a subsidiary of Wuhan Iron and Steel Group.

Mr Sun said that most Chinese mines now use 2G networks for underground telecommunications, which can not meet the needs for the use of more information technology in the mining industry.

Mr Zhang Liang from China Mobile’s Ezhou city branch, said that sealed barrels were used to contain optic cables to avoid spark-triggered explosion in gas-rich mine shafts, and antennas were integrated and kept in remote radio units to stay away from dusts and enhance signal.

Mr Sun said that so far 4G signals have covered three tunnels of the iron mine, providing better telecommunication service, improving the efficiency of production and emergency rescue, and facilitating the use of “intelligent mining” technology in the future.

Source : Xinhua

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