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11 Benefits Of Moving To VoIP Phone System –


Thinking of switching your phone system? VoIP could be the answer and here are all the reasons why.

11 Benefits Of Moving To VoIP Phone System

Moving to a business VoIP phone system might be the best thing you do for your company. It will give an excellent first impression, help direct new clients, and build transparency. A phone system should be fuss free and simple to use, and that is what a VoIP offers.

Here are eleven benefits of moving to VoIP to give you some reassurance.

The 11 Best Benefits of Switching to a VoIP Phone System

A business VOIP phone system is an affordable solution to manage calls and team communication from any location, using any device. Here are a few other benefits, too.

1 – You do not need the regular phone line

If you have previously used a traditional PBX system as a means of call handling for your business, then a VoIP will let you do away with the copper wire landline. It is completely remote. You can operate it through any device which has an internet connection. This means you can use your view IP on the train or bus, while you are commuting, at meetings and in any other place.

2 – It is more cost effective than other phone systems

A VoIP is cheaper than all other types of call handling systems. It can operate in conjunction with Virtual PBX, Hybrid, PBX, and cloud-based phone solutions.

3 – You can still use traditional phones

To use a VoIP system through a traditional landline, all you need is a VoIP adapter. These are simple yet effective devices which connect to your phone and encrypt and decode data. Buying the adapter saves you having to invest in specialist handsets, thereby reducing the outset costs.

4 – You can make calls through your computer

One of the biggest changes to call systems in business in recent years has been the introduction of video chats. Making calls and this way through your computer brings us all together and connect your team.

5 – better quality of calls

Whether you choose to use video or not, the call experience will be better than it is on a traditional phone. Voices are clearer, picture is available, and we can fine tune settings in a way that we have never been able to before.

6 – It has the potential to be more secure

When you apply the proper security protocols to Internet calling, it has the potential to be completely secure. We suggest adding multi-level authentication and using a VPN. It is the data encryption facilities of VoIP which make it so secure.

7 – VoIP is entirely flexible

Not only does it have hardly any start-up cost, but it also allows you to engage in remote work. Being on a VoIP is more flexible in terms of both call handling and call redirecting. Members of staff do not have to be in the office to stay connected.

8 – It is scalable

Scalability is of the upmost importance at the moment. Nobody wants to invest in software which they quickly outgrow. Similarly, a small business doesn’t want to use big business services where their voice is lost. 

9 – VoIP’s better prepare you for the future

It is no secret that traditional PBX is on its last legs. The future is most definitely digital, and if you do not have phone systems that can cope with that, then you are not going to be able to keep up with business.

10 – It is reliable

Even if your entire building falls down, your internet calls will still work.

11 – It is portable

Those who freelance from the back of vans living the digital nomad lifestyle can still use a VoIP. In fact, it is better for them if they do, since access to landlines is limited.

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