Thursday , 23 May 2019
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Watch: All the best gadgets from the Mobile World Congress in 90 seconds – the Irish News

Watch: All the best gadgets from the Mobile World Congress in 90 seconds – the Irish News

Here are some of the coolest gadgets that have been unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

First on the agenda are the various internet-connected jackets that could save lives.

Sensors in the coat detect whether the wearer is in trouble, and can help get them rescued even from difficult-to-reach locations.

This jacket can connect to the internet

One has an attachable wind turbine that can charge your phone, which sounds pretty lifesaving to us.

Next is the new generation of smart toothbrushes that can help you clean better.

The accompanying app tells you how well you’re brushing

The toothbrush communicates with your phone, which then tells you how to improve your technique.

Then we have the much anticipated rival to Amazon’s Alexa, the Sony Xperia Agent concept.

The Xperia Agent is not quite finished yet

It’s still in development, but at the moment it responds to demands to watch movies, play music and show pictures on various connected devices.

The next one is a bit more serious. It’s a 5G-connected glove that controls a robotic arm.

The robotic arm takes its instructions from the movement of the glove

It could help doctors carry out examinations remotely.

The final gadget on our whistle-stop tour is something decidedly less life-changing – it’s a hi-tech shopping trolley.

This trolley could change the way we shop

The futurist trolley could mean supermarkets do away with tills and barcodes, as it scans items by image recognition, and lets you know about money-saving deals on its screen.

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