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Great news for Vodafone customers today, as the mobile giant have not only begun offering 4G, they’ve also just increased the amount of data its tariffs offer!

Coming in with three new bundle types – standard bundles, red bundles and red value bundles, the red value offers a whopping 25GB data limit.

It’s a vast increase considering previous tariffs were capped at 20GB, so its definitely something for data crunchers to be joyous about.

Those who opt for the red value tariffs aren’t just treated to a larger amount of data, they’ll also have access to some entertainment of their choice, including Now TV, Sky Sports Mobile TV or Spotify! As if all that wasn’t enough, customers will have the ability to make landline and mobile calls to the UK whilst away in a majority of European countries. None of those daily £3 chargers like most other providers then!

If all the bells and whistles don’t bother you, then Red Bundles still offer up to 20GB of data and if even data itself isn’t too big of a deal in your world, then Vodafone’s standard bundles are there to keep the cost down, sitting at around £17 per month if you opt for a 24 month tariff.

Whatever bundle you go for you’ll now get 4G on all pay monthly tariffs with compatible handsets. No more waiting around eh?

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