Monday , 16 July 2018
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UK lagging behind Europe for mobile data speeds

UK lagging behind Europe for mobile data speeds

UK networks lag behind Germany and France for download speeds

Research from benchmark app Netradar found Three was UK’s fastest network, O2 slowest

Mobile internet in the UK is slower than rival operators in FRance and Germany, according to research from mobile benchmark app Netradar.

In 2014, the average download speed for operators in the UK was 5 Mbps, compared with 8.4 Mbps in France, 6.1 Mbps in Germany and 5.4 Mbps in Italy.

People living in Scandinavian countries experienced the fastest speeds in Europe, with speeds of  Denmark 22.3 Mbps, 16.6 Mbps in Switzerland and 14.8 Mbps in Norway.

The results were compiled from data generated by normal consumers using the Netradar measurement app, which gives users information about the quality of their connectivity. The data is uploaded and processed by Aalto University in Finland.

“Several factors explain why mobile phone users reach different internet speeds in different countries,” said Netradar project leader Professor Jukka Manner, of the Aalto University. “Mobile internet speed depends not only on mobile network operators, but also on used devices, speed limitations in the subscriptions, user’s distance from the operator’s antenna, landscape, available radio technologies and how congested the mobile network is.”

The data also showed results for each UK-based network, with Three users experiencing the fastest average speeds at 6.3 Mbps. Aalto Universit split EE’s customers in to T-Mobile and Orange, with the former coming second with speeds of 5.6 Mbps.

Vodafone was third in the UK, with speeds of 4.9 Mbps, while Orange came in fourth with speeds of 3.6 Mbps. O2 users experienced the slowest average speeds, according to the results, with an average download speed of 3.1 Mbps.

The Netradar app is currently installed on almost 200,000 devices and has more than five million measurements from across the globe. The app is available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia X, Meego, Symbian and Jolla/Sailfish.

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