Wednesday , 26 June 2019
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T-Mobile Czech Republic reduces world roaming rates

T-Mobile Czech Republic reduces world roaming rates

T-Mobile Czech Republic has reduced data roaming costs in selected destinations before the summer holidays. In the most popular travel destinations, roaming rates will fall by 76 percent and start at EUR 1.40 per MB, and in 20 countries of the world, the price will be even 92 percent lower. According to T-Mobile, its new offer has the best price in the Czech market. The new roaming offer applies both for contract and pre-paid customers. 

The new packages World for the 40 most popular countries, available in the sizes 100, 250 and 500 MB, will be offered from 25 June. The 40 destinations (other than the EU countries, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein) include Switzerland, UAE, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, the US, Turkey Vietnam or Russia.

The data package for the rest of the world has been discounted by nearly 50 percent; 100 MB costs CZK 1,399 instead of original CZK 2,750. No data packages are offered in the countries with extremely expensive data services, such as Angola, Maldives, Ethiopia or Seychelles In those countries, instead of data packages, services are billed per MB.

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