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SIM operated deskphones help to unify communications

SIM operated deskphones help to unify communications

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Posted on: 10 December 2014.

SIM operated deskphones help to unify communications

Administration is an essential activity for the wellbeing of any business. No matter how dull this can seem, working with suppliers, monitoring supplies and handling the influx of invoices every day and month is the reality for any company to keep it running smoothly. Admin can be a slow process and with so many disparate invoices prone to clerical error.

Telecommunications is one area where business will often have three separate suppliers for: mobile communications, office communications and broadband. But this is changing. The recent double headline news that BT is in the process of attempting buy back the O2 mobile network and is also in talks about acquiring EE shows how valuable it is to offer all three services – fixed line, broadband and mobile. The good news for business customers is the prospect of reduced costs, only one supplier to deal with and one invoice to process.

However, this unified service from these telecommunication companies can be made even more compelling with the introduction of SIM operated deskphones. This office-based phone system operates using a SIM card and connects to virtual Private Automated Branch Exchange (PABX) network set up by a mobile operator. BT and Vodafone with its One Phone and One Net single hosted services for business are already showing their commitment to this technology, providing a serious alternative to fixed line systems.

SIM operated deskphone presents two distinct advantages to businesses: flexibility and reduced costs. With a built-in battery a SIM operated deskphone can actually function without wires with the only real tethering required comes via the power cable. The lack of hard wiring means phones can be moved from office to office, location to location and be reinstalled quickly and easily. With no extra installation expenditure or hardware replacement, the cost of ownership is also reduced.

Another benefit for businesses is mobile networks offering a SIM operator deskphone option can present this in conjunction with its mobile and broadband services as part of a subsidised package. This potentially reduces operational costs for businesses even further.

SIM operated deskphones are fast becoming part of this unified communications revolution, helping businesses streamline their telecommunications through one supplier.

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