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ROX by Rollout to Reinvent Feature Delivery for Mobile Apps – PR Newswire (press release)

ROX by Rollout to Reinvent Feature Delivery for Mobile Apps – PR Newswire (press release)

SAN FRANCISCO, April 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —‘s quest to reinvent feature delivery for mobile apps reaches its culmination today as it unveils ROX by Rollout.

This powerful tool, the culmination of many months of development, gives mobile app developers the ability to selectively deliver new features to subsets of users before deciding if these feature are ready to be deployed across all users. ROX by Rollout monitors the performance of those features and makes intelligent, data-driven recommendations about further deployment.

Traditionally, only the largest app dev teams, with home-grown solutions, have been able to enable selective feature deployment through feature flagging. ROX by Rollout not only goes several steps further by adding automation and intelligent analytics, but these capabilities make life easier for any mobile dev team – not just those with enormous resources.

For example, an online retail store wishes to add a new shopping cart capability to a mobile app. Through Rox by Rollout, the new feature can be delivered to a small percentage of users to ensure that the feature is healthy (without bugs or significant usability issues) and that the feature delivers on business goals (increased purchase or checkout). Based on this intelligence, developers can more widely deploy the feature, or choose to turn it off entirely and retool should issues arise.

Importantly, all code is already included in the app at the initial point of download and simply turned on or off for individual users or groups. This allows both the Apple App Store and the Android Marketplace (support coming soon) to approve all code ahead of time and allows features that are buggy or that do not deliver on business goals to be disabled without the need for hot patching or emergency expedited releases.

“Data-driven deployment is the future of mobile app development,” explained Erez Rusovsky, co-founder and CEO of Rollout. “With ROX by Rollout, that future arrives today. Feature delivery can finally be uncoupled from app versions, resulting in reduced risk for developers and an improved experience for end-users.”

“Apps with glitches can be more than inconvenient – they can be catastrophic both to consumers and to developers,” explained Bittu Ahlawat, director of Engineering – iOS, Android and Mobile Web at Upwork. “A product like ROX by Rollout is the solution mobile developers have needed for years. Now, we can not only eliminate the risk of rolling out new features with the ability to turn features on and off, but we also can measure how those features impact business KPIs.”

ROX by Rollout is available now for developers of iOS apps. Pricing starts at $500/month with a free trial. For more information and to schedule a trial, please visit:

About Rollout 
Rollout helps mobile app developers build and deploy apps quickly and safely by automating the time-consuming manual tasks associated with gradual feature releases. Using Rollout’s Continuous Feature Release System, mobile developers can gradually release new features, measure the impact and respond in real-time—all without waiting for the next release. Founded in 2013, Rollout has offices in Tel Aviv, Israel and San Francisco. Learn more at

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