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Roaming pig found outside of West Side elementary school –

Roaming pig found outside of West Side elementary school –

Published 8:55 pm, Monday, May 14, 2018

An Animal Care Services officer got sent to the West Side to pick up a large roaming dog Monday morning.

But the dog turned out to be another species altogether — a hog.

After several minutes of searching the area around San Luis Street, north of Guadalupe Street, the officer found a very large black pig with a white snout blocks from De Zavala Elementary School. Several teachers said they had seen the pig sauntering around the athletic playing field near the gym. Then he made his way to outside of the cafeteria and then to a school trash container.

The school staff said they saw the pig waddle from the school and head down Calaveras Street. The ACS officer and a San Antonio police officer located the pig several blocks south, near Calaveras and Montezuma, hanging out in a front yard.

They said the pig appeared to be covered in dirt, as if he had been rolling in the mud.

The ACS officer used a catch pole to lead the dirt-covered hog to his truck for a ride to the ACS campus — and a shower.

The ACS officer has named him Harold the Pig.

ACS spokeswoman Lisa Norwood said Harold is a hybrid and not a pot-bellied pig. This is the second roaming pig ACS has picked up in the last three weeks. She said there was no word on who the hog belongs to, but he will eventually be transported to an animal rescue site outside of the city.

“As we have said before and we will say again,” Norwood said, “it is illegal to have swine of any sort, shape or size in the city of San Antonio.”

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