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The next ZTE smartphone is going to be built by you as the Chinese manufacturer are calling in all fans in chip in with suggestions. 

In a move that can be described as a Dragonball Z, spirt bomb-esque manoeuvre, ZTE are asking fans to form a huge committee to help the Chinese manufacturer shape its next device for 2017. The new device is codenamed ‘Project CSX,’ or Project Crowd Sourced X. The X is left lingering as ZTE want fans to also name the device.

When big companies allow fans to take control like this, restrictions are of course going to be in place, as seen with Android Nougat’s naming. But it’s not just the name ZTE want to hear, any features that are possbile for a device in 2017 will be taken in serious consideration. So think before you suggest an adamantium chassis with a direct line to every world leader, to inform of impending crisis. A good way to think logically is think of a device that is “affordable to the general public.” That rules out an actual Leica lens then. It also has to be realistic tech for 2017 and a mobile product. So Asminov’s three laws of robotics need not to be applied.

Submissions that make it in the final blueprint and product, will reward submitters with prizes. Prizes range from cash to a trip to Las Vegas and attend CES 2017.

A ZTE smartphone in 2017, even if made by ZTE will most likely not disappoint as the ZTE Axon 7 impressed greatly.

Crowdsourcing ideas although great conceptually, can be burdensome in terms of timeline and budgeting. We’ll have to see whether we get a Frankenstein of a device or not.

Get involved with Project CSX here.

For more news, visit What Mobile’s dedicated news page. 

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