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NEC to build telecommunications systems for large-scale oil refinery in Kuwait

NEC to build telecommunications systems for large-scale oil refinery in Kuwait

Published on: 25th Aug 2015

NEC has announced its receipt of an order from JGC for the delivery of telecommunications and security systems for the Kuwait National Petroleum Company’s large scale Mina Al Ahmadi Refinery, the construction of which JGC is involved in.

The value of this order is approximately ・1.3 billion (USD10.6 million), and NEC will commence delivery of the systems from December 2015.

ュThe systems that NEC will provide to the Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery consists of telecommunications systems, including VoIP phone and wired/wireless in-plant LAN systems, and security systems such as video surveillance, access management and emergency broadcast systems.

The construction of telecommunications and security systems for oil refinery plants requires industry-specific system design and construction know-how, such as the utilization of electronic devices to which explosion-proofing processes have been applied in order to reduce the risk of fires and explosions, and designs that physically isolate networks that handle highly confidential communications from regular telecommunications networks.

Tan Boon Chin, Managing Director, Global Safety Division, NEC Corporation said, “We are pleased to be able to contribute to JGC’s cutting-edge refinery project. NEC possesses some of the world’s top-level image recognition and communication technologies, such as facial recognition, crowd behavior analysis, super-resolution technologies and Software Defined Networking (SDN). Moving forward, by working in collaboration with engineering companies, we’d like to propose solutions that integrate these technologies with plant-oriented systems in order to contribute to the even safer and more secure operation of important facilities such as refineries and power plants.”

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