Monday , 20 May 2019
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MTS, Ericsson bring 5G to Russia

MTS, Ericsson bring 5G to Russia

Ericsson and MTS entered into a memorandum of understanding to cooperate on 5G research and deployment in Russia.

The agreement covers spectrum studies of network and the building of a test system. The companies will focus initially on development of requirements and use cases, as well as performance evaluation and applicability of potential 5G key technology components. The project will support a dialog with government regulators concerning the bands being targeted for 5G and requirements for next generation systems. The partnership will also lead to implementation of 5G-related technologies in MTS’ network, such as Ericsson Lean Carrier and the use of unlicensed spectrum, and other technologies that use the design concepts Ericsson is developing for 5G.

The agreement involves the cooperation of the two companies in various areas, including a joint dialog with regulators about the use of the frequency spectrum for 5G; the implementation in 2016 a pilot project in LTE-U (LTE-Unlicensed) / LAA (Licensed-Assisted Access) that involves the use of the LTE radio interface in the unlicensed 5GHz band together with Wi-Fi access points; testing Ericsson Lean Carrier technology; the demonstration of new radio technologies for Internet of Things; the deployment in 2017 of 5G pilot products using high-speed data transmission in the 15 GHz band, as well as the construction of the test area for the demonstration of 5G technology products during the World Cup 2018 in football in Russia.

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