Monday , 17 December 2018
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Microsoft launches Movie Creator video-editing app for Windows Phone

Microsoft launches Movie Creator video-editing app for Windows Phone

Microsoft today launched a new video-editing app for Windows Phone called Movie Creator. You can download the app, currently in beta, directly from the Windows Phone Store (note: it’s a hefty 164MB).

Movie Creator lets you combine videos, photos, music and even cinemagraphs into movies. It’s a four-step process: select your footage, select a theme, add music, and finally pick a few titles.


The app is quite powerful. It lets you edit the length of your footage, freely move various clips to different places on your video timeline, as well as add text cards, captions, and various filters. You can even pan, zoom, and rotate.

Here are the features Microsoft wants to highlight:

  • Unlimited length. While other editing apps require in-app purchases to unlock longer videos, Movie Creator BETA offers free editing of up to 25 videos, photos or Cinemagraphs with no length limitations. No other application offers this level of flexible editing and unlimited length for free—most require extensive subscriptions to unlock more source files and longer videos.
  • Customizable experience. Movie Creator BETA is the only mobile video editor that allows you to pan and zoom video clips—something frequently seen in documentaries. You can also adjust the resolution of your video and personalize your creations with music, captions, and a variety of themes to match your movie topic.
  • Choose from various themes. Movie Creator BETA offers a variety of themes to help you personalize your video, including a selection of branded themes featuring characters from popular DreamWorks animated movies like “Madagascar” and “Kung Fu Panda”.
  • Cross-device experience. The Movie Creator BETA app is optimized for use across the entire range of Lumia 8.1 devices—from the affordable Lumia 530 to the flagship Lumia 1520 – as well as the Surface Pro 3 tablet.
  • Edit and Share with Ease: Movie Creator BETA produces files that live on the device instead of requiring an upload to a third-party server. It’s quick and easy to share your videos via email, web or directly to Facebook.

There are two curiosities regarding this launch. First, Microsoft already has a similar app for Windows Phone called Video Tuner — why release another with duplicate functionality?

Video Tuner is only available for Lumia devices, something that made a little bit more sense before Microsoft acquired Nokia. Our best guess is that Movie Creator will replace Video Tuner when the former comes out of beta.

Second, Microsoft also offers Movie Creator for Windows, but it only works on Lumia tablets. There’s only one device that fits into that category: the Lumia 2520. While Microsoft has shared its plans for Lumia smartphones, the company hasn’t clarified what it plans to do with the brand on larger devices (and many believe it will just stick with the Surface line for tablets).

We have contacted Microsoft for more information and will update this article if we hear back.

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