Wednesday , 22 May 2019
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Local man designs gadget which stops hijackers in their tracks

Local man designs gadget which stops hijackers in their tracks

Cape Town-based entrepreneur Phred Howroyd is the brains behind a device that literally stops hijackers their tracks.

Howroyd invented a device that links a motor vehicle to a cellphone.

Vehicle owners can immobilise certain car functions such as the ignition system or activate the hooter via cellphone.

The transceiver device allows a wireless command to be sent via SMS from a cellphone to a vehicle in order for it to execute a specific command set by the vehicle owner.

Howroyd is a retired computer programmer and says he's been working on anti-carjacking technology for decades.

He says he's been talking with several car manufacturers and insurance companies about his invention.

I've been trying to prevent car theft and car hijacking since I bought my first car in '61.

Phred Howroyd, inventor

I can put a device in the car and control it via your cellphone, either with a missed call or an SMS.

Phred Howroyd, inventor

For more information, contact him via email on or via mobile on +27 82 803 0924.

Listen to him explain on The John Maytham Show:

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