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How to deter roaming cats from your lawn – KJCT – KJCT8.com

How to deter roaming cats from your lawn – KJCT – KJCT8.com

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT) — It’s cat season, which means many shelters and rescues are completely full. But what should you do if you have an unwanted animal wander into your yard?

After a Grand Junction man was cited for killing his neighbor’s cat we checked in with animal services to find out some ways to get a cat out of your yard without harming the animal.

This time of year, everyone is seeing some cat crowding.

“Anytime you get into the warm months of our climate, from March until October is kitten season,” said Valerie Mazrin with CLAWS. “Currently we house around 200 cats at our shelter.”

CLAWS is a nonprofit that saves homeless cats.

Mesa County Animal Services says because cats have a no leash law, they can’t take them.

“Unless they are sick or injured or can’t fend for themselves which is typically the definition of a kitten,” says Doug Frye with Mesa County Animal Services.

If a cat comes over to your yard, there are things you can do to deter the cat from coming back.

“The first thing we always recommend is talk to the animal owner,” said Frye.

You can also put coins into a plastic bottle and shake it or toss it near the cat to scare it off. Another option is scattering moth balls around the lawn.

“Motion activated sprinklers seem to be one that works fairly well,” said Frye.

Places like CLAWS can take any type of cat but there are some steps to go through.

“Our shelter is always full but it is really full now because our foster homes are also full,” said Mazrin. “We don’t pick cats up, so individuals are the ones that pick the stray cats up and there are requirements, them feeding and caring for the cat for a certain number of days before we can take them.”

And when searching for the kitties new home, they make sure it will be kept as an indoor cat.

“We will only adopt to indoor homes, we do not feel cats should be outdoor roaming,” said Mazrin. “There are too many dangers outside: people, other animals, and cars.”

Both Mesa County Animal Services and CLAWS do everything they can during these overcrowding times. CLAWS has adoption events every weekend, so they can hopefully take in more cats at the beginning of each week.

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