Wednesday , 26 June 2019
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Google launches Project Fi mobile service for Nexus users

Google launches Project Fi mobile service for Nexus users

Google confirmed plans for its own mobile service, under the name Project Fi. The service will launch in the US, using the Sprint and T-Mobile networks, and be available initially to customers with a Google Nexus 6 smartphone. Google said the aim is to provide mobile users with the best network wherever they are. Project Fi users will have software that connects their phone automatically to the fastest available network, whether it be Wi-Fi or one of the LTE or 3G networks. This includes seamless handover for calls between Wi-Fi and mobile networks.  

Google will charge USD 20 per month for unlimited calls and SMS, Wi-Fi and international coverage in over 120 countries. Customers will have access to over 1 million free hotspots in the US and can fall back to the mobile network when no Wi-Fi is available. Data costs USD 10 per GB for use in the US and abroad, and Google said it will refund customers whatever data they don’t use. Customers will also have access to their phone number ‘in the cloud’, allowing them to use it from any device. 

The service will launch initially by invite, at

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