Monday , 12 November 2018
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From Windsor Park to Overlook, coyotes roaming more parts of Columbus – Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

From Windsor Park to Overlook, coyotes roaming more parts of Columbus – Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

With growing concerns over coyotes in Windsor Park, a professional trapper will be in the area by the end of the week, a Columbus official said Wednesday.

Pat Biegler, the director of Public Works, which includes Animal Control, said officials talked with a professional trapper about problems faced by residents in the neighborhood and said one would be in the area this week. The action is taken against the wild animals after some residents said they have missing pets, ducks have disappeared from the lake at Heath Park and they freely roam the streets.

“We are going to go out and look at the area and determine where they are going to place traps,” Biegler said. “They will be starting that by the end of this week.”

Biegler said there is no doubt that coyotes are in the area after a resident sent her a video of a pair in a back yard where a dog was inside the resident’s fence. “It’s very clear,” she said. “There are coyotes. That is for sure.”

Over the last month, the coyotes have been brazen enough to roam the streets near Charing and Canterbury drives, prompting the city to consider professionals to get the animals under control. Residents also expressed safety concerns on the walking trail at Heath Park.

Coyotes apparently are causing concerns in the Overlook Drive area in MidTown, too. A resident said he spotted a coyote Saturday on his rear fence in the neighborhood. The area backs up to a wooded area where the wild animals have made a home.

“He or she recently had babies and they have grown up now and we got multiple coyotes,” the man said. “At night, you can hear them when they catch something.”

To get help controlling the coyotes, the man said he called the city a year ago but was directed to a professional in Macon, Ga.

“It was a few thousand dollars,” he said of the cost. “I’m not paying that for all my neighbors cats that are going missing.”

The neighborhood is also home for Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson. She wasn’t available for comment late Wednesday.

A state wildlife official has said coyotes are not a real danger to humans but residents shouldn’t leave a food source outside for them. They may be a threat to small cats or dogs if the pets are left alone or unattended.

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