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Food & Wine pairs native alcohol purchase and delivery with recipes

Food & Wine pairs native alcohol purchase and delivery with recipes

digitalwine1015-hd-drizlyTime Inc.’s Food & Wine is closing a gap in the customer experience for alcohol retailer Drizly, serving native ordering on the publication’s new mobile-first Web site.

Readers of the publication can now order alcohol directly through Food & Wine’s content, related to cocktails, wine and beer. The partnership with Drizly is driving sales by letting customers order alcoholic ingredients directly within an article pertaining to a recipe.

“We know our audience is connecting with us on mobile in increasing numbers, so it is important to us that we provide more functionality for them,” said Christina Grdovic, senior vice president and publisher at Food & Wine. “When we relaunched just last week, we developed the site with a mobile-first approach.

“Our collaboration with Drizly is similar in that it offers our mobile audience an easy-to-use service that’s super convenient,” she said.

Mobile delivery
The digital foodie magazine unveiled a new makeover with a mobile-first strategy that focuses on video in response to the rise in its popularity for smartphone users last month (see more).

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Following the launch Food & Wine started rolling out its Drizly incorporation, hoping to make a lasting impression on consumers as well as providing a streamlined shopping process to drive sales for its partner. Consumers now reading an article about a specific cocktail recipe can purchase the ingredients listed through Drizly without leaving the publication on mobile or desktop.

Drizly will provide an option in which users can click a native buy button which will order the alcohol of their choice and be delivered to their homes within an hour. The experience is decreasing time in between consumer interest and customer purchase, which is highly important within the customer journey.

Readers who show interest making cocktails or purchasing wine and beer showcased on Food & Wine have a wide gap in between interest and purchase without the Drizly partnership, which means there is a significant time for a change of mind or to forget. The less time in between the more likely Drizly is to finalize the sale and increase impulse buying.

The launch of the partnership will start with 20 shoppable recipes. The publication will also be continuing its wine recommendations in which now customers can immediately purchase the particular wine.

Food & Wine content will also be featured on Drizly to expand its media properties and create a hub for alcohol-related content.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 4.24.38 PM

Drizzly is an ecommerce platform in which users can order alcohol to be delivered to their homes within an hour. The retailer is increasing partnerships with publications and others to increase its innovations in alcohol retail, expanding methods in purchasing and creating a convenient experience for customers.

Food & Wine innovation
The food-focused publication also launched an emoji and branded sticker keyboard application to expand its consumer reach and become a staple in the food-and-beverage culture of mobile-savvy consumers (see more).

“We are driving sales through additional media exposure to a relevant, highly engaged audience in an integrated and elegant way,” said Michael DiLorenzo, senior vice president of marketing at Drizly. “Simply put, Drizly will connect Food & Wine readers with the ingredients they need to purchase in order to create these inspirational cocktail recipes created by Food & Wine editors.”

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