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Facebook Moments app now creates music videos from your photos

Facebook Moments app now creates music videos from your photos

by Chris Smith 25 August 2015

Facebook Moments

Back in June Facebook announced a new standalone app called Moments, designed to make it easier for users to pass on photos they’ve taken with their friends.

The app, a companion to Messenger, used facial recognition technology (for which it was promptly banned in Europe) to scan the users camera roll and automatically bundled photos of users’ Facebook Friends.

Now Facebook has added another string to Moments bow, with the ability to auto-create music videos containing the best photos taken.

The tool will automatically create the photo montages if its able to associate six or more photos, while users will be able to customise it by adding more photos and switch up the background music.

Once editing is complete, users will be able to share the clip directly to Facebook, tagging those who’re in the clip.

Facebook says (via Wired): “It’s primarily optimised for a diversity of photos so it can capture a beginning, middle, and end of the ‘story.’ It also chooses a personalised set of photos to select the ones you and your friends are in.”

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Facebook Moments’ new feature puts it in competition with the Google Photos app, which enables users to create gifs and collages from related photos, using the Assistant feature.

Moments remains banned in Europe, but Statesiders can grab the update for iOS and Android from today.

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